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‘Your RWJ Marketing Miracle’
A Leveraged & Perpetual Team Build Concept!

‘RWJ Marketing’ represents a Team Build Concept designed specifically to help Team members upgrade into one of the most magnificent income opportunities in a generation – SUMMIT77.

You can visit the SUMMIT77 site to see where we are upgrading our members to:  Please view all the videos on the website, especially the video of the Compensation Plan to truly understand how great of an opportunity this is!

NOTE: DO NOT join SUMMIT77 from the above link -
To be part of our Team a ‘join’ link will be assigned to you by RWJ Marketing when the time comes.

‘RWJ Marketing’
What Makes It A ‘Perpetual Team Build Machine’?


Your name will be added to the bottom of the wait list and as soon as your name reaches the Top you will receive a link to Join Summit77. AS soon as You have Joined Summit77 at the Stater level You will receive 120 points from RWJ .

These Points will enter you into the Subscription matrix with 1 point a day adding a position into the matrix. When You cycle matrix 4 and matrix 6 You will have received 2 Paid members into Your Summit77 Business… and this happens for each position you have …

So you will eventually have a 120 Positions in the company forced matrix which equals to 240 Paid Members under you in Summit77 . At the Same time duplication is being created as each of those 240 Members have the same opportunity as You . ***Read That AGAIN***

The Team Build has 6 small FAST-CYCLING matrices (1×3, 1×3, 1×2, 1×2, 1×2 and 1×3) each generating ever-growing positions towards member upgrades.

Then The FUN begins…!

When ANY of your positions cycle Matrix 4, starting with your 1st position, ONE new members will be send your join link where he/she will pay a one time $30 for a starter pack in SUMMIT77 ! And then AGAIN when any of your positions cycle Matrix 6, ONE additional new members will follow you into SUMMIT77! This happens AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN as all your positions move towards maturity. That is why we call it a ‘PERPETUAL Team Build Machine’

How The Team Build Works A Detailed Explanation

Be ready to be amazed!


“We guarantee you will NOT find another Team Build out there that will work as hard as we do to ensure your success!”

How To Join Our Team Build

You become a Team member by creating a RWJ Marketing Account. Simply complete the ‘join’ form and verify your email address to partially activate your account.

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